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Villard Square Grandfamily

Villard Square Grandfamily & Milwaukee Public Library Villard Branch

Villard Square Grandfamily housing & MPLS

The NWSCDC, together with Gorman Company, co-developed a tax-credit financed, mixed-use public library building that incorporates a mixed-income, “grandfamily” apartment project on the corner of Villard Avenue and 35th Street in Milwaukee. With a sustainable and streamlined library model, the Milwaukee Public Library has significantly reduced its operating costs at this facility. This mixed-use library facility has become the model for library branch redevelopment in Milwaukee.

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Century City II

Century City II

Century City II

Over the past several years, the City of Milwaukee and its partners have created momentum through their collaborative economic development efforts in Century City I.  Several catalytic developments have been underway in the Century City Business Park on the former Tower Automotive site.  The NWSCDC is seeking to complement these successes and strengthen the 30th Street Industrial Corridor business climate by focusing on Century City II.

The NWSCDC is focusing its efforts in a nearly 30 acre area known as “Century City II,” generally bounded by Hope Avenue on the north, North 27th Street on the east, West Capitol Drive on the south, and the railroad corridor on the west.  The creation of a business accelerator, the construction of a new science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) school, the development of land for office and manufacturing uses, and the establishment of high-quality residential living in the Century City II area will foster the expansion of local private enterprise.  These economic development projects will house, educate, nurture, and inspire citizens in a key geography of Milwaukee.

To learn more about Century City I and Century City II, visit the 30th Street Corridor Economic Development Master Plan.

NWSCDC Eco Tech Visioning

NWSCDC EcoTech Rendering 2018

Building on recent changes in the Century City II area, NWSCDC partnered with the UWM Community Design Solutions to produce an updated vision for development in the area near W Capitol Drive and N 27th Street.  In 2017 our team consulted with stakeholders and property owners in the area, who articulated a vision for investment and jobs including diverse uses like manufacturing, office, research, and education as well as improvements in green space and connectivity.  This vision document highlights the major opportunities in the CCII area which complement the large redevelopment area available in the CC1 area and other large opportunities in the North area of the 30th Street Industrial Corridor.

To see more of the visioning scenarios for the Eco Tech campus, visit the NWSCDC Eco Tech Final Report.

Green Tech Station – 4101 N 31st Street

Within the Century City II area, NWSCDC is working with partners to transform a contaminated 2.9 acre brownfield site into a green technology demonstration area, featuring innovative stormwater management and energy management solutions.  “Green Tech Station,” as it’s come to be called, will begin site work in 2018 in partnership with the City of Milwaukee addressing the soil issues. In 2018 and 2019 we will install a variety of stormwater management solutions including a 20,000 gallon cistern, bioswales, permeable pavers, native plantings, and hundreds of trees.

Phase I of Green Tech Station will include these stormwater systems to create a demonstration of the complete water cycle. Polluted stormwater runoff from the site and from the nearby street will drain into the bioswale system for treatment. The natural filtering is expected to remove Total Suspended Solids and some other pollutants, and then the filtered water will enter the large cistern. Perhaps a few days after a storm event is over, water from the cistern will be pumped out through an irrigation system to water the trees.  The hundreds of trees selected for this site will primarily be varieties of poplars and cottonwood which are especially “thirsty,” chosen for their ability to uptake huge volumes of runoff or groundwater and evapo-transpirate this water into the atmosphere.

We are working to establish additional partnerships for Phase II. Building on interest from nearby schools and neighborhood groups, we are working to secure funding to establish a mobile classroom space on the site. This facility will include solar panels renewable energy generation, and feature smart interactive energy controls as an educational demonstration.

This  status update (Green Tech Station One Pager – Community Update – 4-2019) describes our recent progress and next steps.

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